Cheap and Easy Meals that will save you money

People throw away tonnes of food every day in the UK. Most of us spend around £60 a week on food and non-alcoholic drinks for our homes. Many people eat take away or pre-prepared food on a regular basis, costing much more than having a go yourself at preparing tasty, cheap and easy meals.

Cheap Meals

The Money Advice Service writes that average family weekly food shop amounts to £53.20. This does not have to be so. Prepare delicious, quick recipes yourself to save money on your shopping bill. The benefits for your health and your pocket of trying to cook meals on a budget using fresh ingredients and spices are numerable. Most people do not realise how quick and easy it is to prepare the same foods from scratch as opposed to heating up a ready meal. Investing in a slow cooker could mean that by taking 10 minutes in the morning to prepare your dinner you could be coming home to a delicious, home-cooked feast ready to serve.

  • Save money on your shopping bill

Recent research by Co-operative Food, carried out on 2,000 UK households, reveals that as many as one in six people have never cooked a meal from scratch. Most people rely on packets of sauces and ready mixed spices to finish off a meal that they are preparing. A staggering two-thirds of people buy ready-made meals instead of having a go themselves. These people often find themselves nearing the end of the month with very little cash and are then forced to take out payday loans UK to help them until the end of the month.

The survey also reported that 43% of people were more concerned with how the meal tasted as opposed to how much it cost or as to whether or not it was healthy. The average time spent to produce an evening meal was 24 minutes. Are people even looking for cheap meals? Or just ones that are quick and easy to prepare?

The internet has a plethora of amazing, tasty recipes for dinners that we would usually buy. You can prepare for a fast, few, easy to follow steps. It takes the same amount of your precious time to open and heat up a jar of pasta sauce as it does to rustle up a quick, tasty, tomato and basil sauce yourself, without all the added salt and sugar that manufacturers add to increase the flavours of pre-cooked foodstuffs.

  • Cheap and easy meals to prepare yourself

Some of the nation’s favorite foods are too readily available for purchase in supermarkets. This is why many people do not attempt to make them themselves. You can save a lot of money on having to buy 4 individual meals for the average family. The ingredients to cook a simple cottage pie cost considerably less. Some people cheat when making certain recipes by buying ready-made ingredients as opposed to making it themselves. Here are the top twenty meals that people cheat on when they make them for supper:

By checking online for simple to make, quick recipes for these twenty dishes, you could easily prepayre them at home saving a lot of money on your food bills.

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