4 Ways to Travel Overseas with Money

In this article we have outlined 4 different ways on travelling Overseas with money. Go through them and enjoy your overseas vacation.


It’s always handy to have cash with you when travelling. It provides in-your-pocket convenience and immediacy, particularly for smaller purchases like buying food and coffees, paying for taxis and tipping or if you’re travelling in remote areas that may not accept cards. Not to mention, you won’t need to hunt around for an ATM, which can take time out of your busy holiday schedule and cause immense frustration. To boot, you’ll also avoid those pesky fees and charges that you can incur when you pay with a card.

There are some disadvantages to taking cash on your trip; cash is far more risky than cards or traveller’s cheques. It leaves you more prone to targeted robbery by locals, it can easily be lost, and it’s harder to make a claim for cash on your travel insurance. Not to mention carrying around cash can be cumbersome and stressful.

Credit cards

Credit cards are generally the most popular method of payment for international travellers. Most people already have credit cards, which mean they’re an easy and convenient option.

They offer a number of advantages; they are widely accepted, enable you to make cash withdrawals at ATMs, they provide an emergency line of credit, many credit cards offer complimentary extras or the ability to build up reward points, and they save you having to carry large amounts of cash around. From a safety perspective they’re also easy to block, cancel or replace if they’re stolen or misplaced.

  Travel money cards

Travel money cards are reloadable, pre-paid cards that hold foreign currency. As a card specifically designed to be taken overseas it is a convenient way to travel.

With the ability to load multiple currencies, it is perfect if your trip involves visiting multiple countries. It also means that you’re able to spend in the local currency allowing you to avoid paying a conversion fee every time you make a transaction.

Travel debit cards

Many Aussies have an everyday transaction account with a linked debit card. Some of these debit cards will allow you to make international transactions making it a great travel buddy.

Using your debit card overseas can be very cost effective. As with credit cards, generally debit cards offer better exchange rates than travel money cards. Not to mention, it’s generally cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM with your debit card than a credit or travel money card.

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